Hospitality with Tradition

Three generations of the Battaglia-Huber family are here to offer you tradition but are also willing to embrace innovation.

This mountain has given its name to our hotel - Zimba
Your host family Battaglia-Huber
Brand in bygone days
Alpenhotel Zimba in bygone days
Lünersee in bygone days
Old winter scene of Brand
Alpenhotel Zimba as it was in summer years ago
Guesthouse Zimba as it was in winter years ago

In the 1920s a simple Alpine guest house stood on the very spot of today's Alpenhotel Zimba. At that time Brand and its neighbour, the Montafon, had already become important as winter sports regions.  Only a few kilometres away the American writer and Bohemian, Ernest M Hemingway, spent two winters. He enjoyed skiing, eating local food, as well as drinking Schnaps, and wrote, amongst others things, his novel "Fiesta".

The Zimba (2,643 m) gives its name to our hotel and is the best known peak in the Rätikon. Because of its striking pyramid shape it is also known as the "Vorarlberg Matterhorn". The first person to reach the summit was Anton Neyer of Bludenz in July 1847.

In 1953 the Family Huber obtained possession of this picturesque wooden building. Over the following decades they developed the old wooden structure into the present day 4 Star Alpenhotel with its Zimba Spa.

Almost every day, Grandma, who is in her 90s , helps in the kitchen and is very good at baking bread. Senior Manager, Walter, a profound connoisseur of the Brand valley, accompanies hikes, organises information and barbecue evenings, even up at the hotel's own mountain hut. His wife, Nini, oversees the running of the hotel and is always there to offer help.

Daughter, Stephanie Battaglia-Huber returned to Brand from her studies in Innsbruck and Ireland and runs the Alpenhotel Zimba. Antonio, her husband from Southern Italy, deals with the technical side of things at the hotel. Their two sons love to visit the hotel but as yet are much too young to help!

Stephanie's brother, Bernhard, looks after all the culinary delights. He and his small team skilfully prepare classic regional and other Austrian fare. Trips round the world's greatest cuisines, from Italy to France, are regularly on the menu.