Alpenhotel Zimba

A Glimpse inside the Alpenhotel Zimba

Impressions of the Alpine Idyll

Here you can experience nature in all its aspects. The mountain landscape is always there for you in its different colours. The mountain peaks show their constantly changing faces all year round. In summer they are gently sloping rugged grey rocks and in winter they are brilliant white with a deep blue sky in the distance. The picturesque mountain landscape in the Schesaplana region awaits you.

Nature is present at every moment in the Alpenhotel Zimba – it determines the architecture of our hotel inside and out. Everything we do is characterised by our respect for nature and the thought of sustainability. It is not only visible but also tangible. A picture paints a thousand words and that is definitely true!

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Fantastic offers

23.06. - 06.07.2024 & 07.09. - 21.09.2024
5 nights / from € 1.320,-

5 nights with the whole family

09.06.2024-14.6.2024 und 14.07.2024-14.07.2024
5 nights / from 1.075,- per Person

5 nights incl. golf license course

17.05.2024 - 20.10.2024
7 nights / from € 1.082,- per person

7 nights incl. green fee

It is in the Nature of Things

Here you find Sustainable Recreation
Save Energy
Commitment to the Environment
We attach great importance to our use of natural resources and put it into practice.
Recharge your energy
Recovery for Body and Mind
We spoil you in every way and offer even more for the long-term relaxation of your body and mind.