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Massage Services in the Zimba Spa

Hands slowly gliding down your back gradually find the painful spot. Gently the pain eases by touching the pressure points and the muscles are worked on until the pain is released. Our massage therapists are happy to help rid you of any tension.

Twice weekly you have the opportunity to book a massage in the Zimba Spa. Our masseuses are professionally trained and can tailor their treatments to suit your individual needs. From a beneficial relaxing massage to a stimulating energising massage. There are a lot to choose from.


The Swedish massage is probably the best-known massage technique today. It treats the skin, connective tissue and muscles. This leads to a local stimulation of the metabolism and blood circulation in the tissue and at the same time has a soothing and relaxing effect on the entire body.


Full massage: 50 min Euro 72,00
Partial massage: 40 min. Euro 55.00
Partial massage: 25 min. Euro 35.00

A composition of two classical massage elements, e.g. back and foot reflexology or Indian head and leg massage.


Treatment duration: 50 min. Euro 72.00

Every person's feet reflect their body. In the foot reflexology massage, the individual zones of the feet are worked through with intensive pressure. These zones represent the individual areas of the body and organs. Noticeable regions are treated with stimulating or sedating grips. The self-healing powers of the body are activated.


Duration of treatment: 40 min Euro 55,00

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle method of stimulating the flow of lymph in the body and strengthening the immune system. The treatment improves microcirculation and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, thus activating purification.


Full massage: 50 min. 72,00 Euro
Partial massage: 25 min. 35,00 Euro

The connective tissue massage belongs to the reflex zone massages. The basic idea behind this technique is that the treatment should not only have local effects at the site of the massage, but that it should also be possible to achieve remote effects on internal organs via certain reflexes.


Duration of treatment: 25 min. 35,00 Euro

Through targeted treatment of the individual tissue layers (skin, connective tissue and musculature) on the back, the internal organs are stimulated and the circulation of the extremities is promoted. The stimuli are transmitted via nerve pathways to the spinal cord and in turn stimulate the organ-supplying nerve pathways of the same segment.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35.00

Every everyday burden is carried on the back. The spine, also called the "golden pillar" of health, deserves special treatment.


Treatment duration: 40 min. Euro 55.00

Tief gehende Massage mit feinsten Ölen für verspannte Waden und müde Knochen. Die Sauerstoffaufnahme wird erhöht, der Abtransport der Milchsäure verbessert und die Muskeln werden leistungsfähiger.

Behandlungsdauer: 40 Min. Euro 55,00

Leg and foot massage with invigorating mountain arnica

Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35.00

By loosening the connective tissue, the lymphatic system is stimulated and waste products are removed.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35.00

The gold massage has a warming, vitalising, circulation-stimulating effect as well as regulating the nervous system. It helps to reduce dissatisfaction, sadness and emotional stress. Ingredients: 23.75 carat gold E 175, almond oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, walnut oil, pecan oil


Treatment duration: 50 min. Euro 75.00

Pleasant relaxing massage with warm essential oils. Specially tailored to the needs of children aged 3 to 10.


Treatment duration: 20 min. Euro 30.00

Full body massage with coordinated natural aromatic oils. Has a deeply relaxing effect, lulls the body into a state of inner peace and is designed for children aged 10 to 15.


Treatment duration: 40 min. Euro 55.00

In the honey massage, both the massage and the power of the blossom honey have a strong detoxifying effect. With pumping movements of the hands, old waste products and toxins are deeply extracted from the tissue. Applied to the back, it also stimulates the internal organs by stimulating the reflex zones. The honey massage restores the body's natural ability to detoxify. It is therefore particularly suitable for many civilisation diseases that are due to the storage of toxins in the body.


Partial massage: 40 min. Euro 55,00
With peeling: 50 min. Euro 72,00

Ayurveda literally means "knowledge of life". It is the millennia-old Indian health teaching that is based on a holistic view of man, nature and the cosmos. Its basic holistic philosophy is as simple as it is eternally valid: live and care for yourself in such a way that you maintain your health and avoid illness or premature ageing. The body is cleansed, detoxified and purified, leading to personal inner balance.


Treatment duration: 80 min. Euro 98.00

Full body massage with coordinated natural aromatic oils. Has a deeply relaxing effect, reduces stress and lulls the body into a state of inner peace.


Treatment duration: 50 min. Euro 75.00

In a gentle, sensitive but also powerful way, the displaced vertebrae and joints are pushed back into their ideal place. The Breuss massage is combined with a foot reflexology massage.


Treatment duration: 50 min. Euro 72.00

Intuitive Sensitive is a relaxing and individual massage, which is completely tailored to your wishes. Various classic massage forms and techniques are used.


Full body massage 50 min. Euro 72,00
Partial massage 40 min. Euro 55.00

To revitalise the skin, the energy brush massage is a special experience. The skin is massaged with a natural hair brush. Circular movements stimulate the blood circulation and strengthen the tissue. Body care completes this treatment.


Full body massage: 50 min. Euro 72,00
Partial massage: 25 min. Euro 35.00

The Indian head massage is a very soothing massage in the shoulder, neck and head area. With slow and even strokes, the release of the happiness hormone oxytocin is promoted.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35.00

The facial massage is used for relaxation, skin care and calming.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35.00

"Healthy intestine-healthy person" - promotes intestinal movement and activates the removal of waste products and toxins.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35.00

Special calming and relaxing massage technique for the expectant mother.


Treatment duration: 50 min. Euro 72.00

The aroma candle massage improves the elasticity of the skin and makes it feel soft and supple.


Full body massage: 50 min. Euro 72.00
Partial massage: 40 min. Euro 55.00

With warm massage shells, even deep tensions are released and loosened. The body retains the warmth long after the massage.


Full body massage: 50 min. Euro 72.00

The Asian herbal stamp massage is one of the most effective treatment methods and combines the beneficial effects of massage with natural herbs and relaxing warmth. The warm herbal stamps are moved in circular motions over the tense muscles and along the energy pathways, thus stimulating the metabolism. The unfolding of the herbal active ingredients activates the self-healing powers. A purification process begins, blood circulation is stimulated and a repair process of the skin is set in motion. At the same time, the moisture depots are enriched.


Full body massage 80 min. Euro 98.00

Cupping is known in the traditional medicine of many cultures and is still used today in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The cupping massage is especially good for pain in the back, shoulder and neck area.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35.00

With the scraping technique, TCM offers a gentle healing alternative. Scraping opens the superficial blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35.00

The massage with hot obsidian stones is a very relaxing massage technique. With selected aromatic oils, the volcanic stones, which are up to 60° hot, glide gently over the entire body. The heat treatment promotes the release of tension, even in the deeper muscle layers. In addition, the treatment stimulates blood circulation, which promotes the well-being of the entire organism. The therapy can also support purification.


Full body massage: 80 min. Euro 98.00

Ear candling is a remedy that has been tried and tested by primitive peoples and gently relieves headaches, tinnitus and stress. It causes a liberating feeling in the whole head area.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35.00

Energetic Treatments

Reconnective Healing (according to Dr. Eric Pearl) uses 5-dimensional frequencies for healing.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35,00

Activates and amplifies the pure heart energy.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35,00

Is a high-frequency, golden-white cosmic energy.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35,00

The direct connection to the creative power. An effective transformation method.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35,00

Reiki (universal life energy according to Mikao Usui) brings body and mind into balance and works on all levels.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35,00

This energy is a very powerful energy system developed by Ole Gabrielsen with the help of the ascended master Kuthumi.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35,00

DAN energy is a subtle energy that can strengthen the self-healing powers, release blockages and bring deep calm and relaxation.


Treatment duration: 25 min. Euro 35,00

The basic principle of Regenesis is that in every cell there is a primal knowledge ("blue dot" according to W. Reich). Through this primal knowledge the cell "knows" what its task is, what its perfect state is and where its correct seat in the body is. In Regenesis, this cell information is consciously activated by an external vibration.


Duration of treatment: 25 minutes Euro 35,00

Kinesiology is the study of movement. As our muscles react to stress, we kinesiologists can communicate with your system via the muscles. With the muscle test - the body's own feedback system - blockages are detected and balanced on an energetic level. Kinesiology assumes that the body itself knows what is good for it, what disturbs it or what it lacks. Therefore each balance is different and individually adapted to the client. Imbalances are solved in a gentle way, e.g. with sounds, colours, movement exercises, etc.


My Kinesiology Skills:
- Touch for Health 1-4
- Brain Gym 1-2
- Optimal brain organisation
- Balance Techniques
- Early childhood reflexes
- Brain Integration
- Energy Psychology
- Hormones
- Cell Communication


Treatment duration 50 minutes Euro 72,00

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Swimming in the Alpenhotel Zimba

Two choices to suit you

Natural Swimming Pond
Swim Outdoors
Light Green Water
Immerse yourself and relax. In our natural bathing pond with its own spring water experience nature up close.
Indoor infinity Pool
Swim Inside
Light Blue Water
Immerse yourself and relax. Swim in our indoor infinity pool with a wonderful view of outdoors.