Alpenhotel Zimba

Immerse and Breathe

Wellness in the Brand Valley

Water laps around your ankles, knees, stomach and chest. You dive into the cool turquoise blue water in the indoor infinity pool or the emerald green water in the natural swimming pond in the garden.

You enjoy the feeling on your skin and look around: the blue-green water blends with the teal of the mountains. You have arrived at the Alpenhotel Zimba.

Small droplets whirl through the air – they absorb the water vapour and open your lungs. A towel circles over your head. Even in the sauna breathing becomes quieter. You can feel drops of sweat on your skin and a heaviness in the heat. So, you begin your wellness holiday in our Zimba Spa.

Relaxation and Recreation in the Zimba Spa


The enticing smell of lime lingers in the air. The silence means you can hear the steady rhythm of your own heart. The heat of the steam bath prickles on your skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft. Relax and feel yourself lighten and loosen as new energy pulses through your body. Sit back and relax in our cosy, intimate Zimba Spa. To make sure you can recharge your batteries at the Zimba as well as being energised by the mountains of the Brandertal valley, you can choose from the following wellness services:

Zimba Spa

Indoor infinity pool with panoramic views

Sauna and herbal sauna

Panoramic family textile sauna

Steam bath and cold room


Massages (extra charge)

Natural swimming pond in the garden

Panoramic relaxation room

Swimming for adults only daily from 7-9 a.m.

Fantastic offers

23.06. - 06.07.2024 & 07.09. - 21.09.2024
5 nights / from € 1.320,-

5 nights with the whole family

09.06.2024-14.6.2024 und 14.07.2024-14.07.2024
5 nights / from 1.075,- per Person

5 nights incl. golf license course

17.05.2024 - 20.10.2024
7 nights / from € 1.082,- per person

7 nights incl. green fee

Swimming at the Alpenhotel Zimba

Two choices to suit you
Natural Swimming Pond
Swim Outdoors
Light Green Water
Immerse yourself and relax. In our natural bathing pond with its own spring water experience nature up close.
Indoor Infinity Pool
Swim Inside
Light Blue Water
Immerse yourself and relax. Swim in our indoor infinity pool with a wonderful view of outdoors.